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The traditional Cretan guest-house ''Stamatogiannis'' is situated in the traditional settlement Kaliviani in the western point of Crete, in between two really picturesque places Gramvoussa (Balos) and Falassarna. It was built in 1770 by craftsmen of that period. The building is a typical Cretan house with Venecian influences.

There is a characteristic story going on in the balcony of that guest house. During the Turkish domination, the newly-married couple of the owners ancestors is going up the stairway to the balcony, so as it is customary, the mother-in-law to sweeten with honey and walnuts the bride. After the bride tastes the sweet it is the bridegrooms turn to taste it as well. However the Turkish commander of the county who learned of the newly married young lady, pushes the bridegroom so that he would taste the honey instead. The bridegroom and the Turk officer come to blows and fight until the Turk takes out his gun so as to kill the groom. But the gun fires and the Turk drops down injured. Before he passes away he calls his military attaché and tells him not to harm the groom because everything was his fault and he was justly punished by God.

In 1998 a first attempt for renovation was made. Today's owners tried to keep all these elements that characterize a building as traditional whereas at the same time they added some modern elements that make it more pleasant and functional for whom would choose to have vacations here.

There are 5 independent studios which dispose all comforts with kitchen, air conditioning, and safe. Each one has its name in accordance with the use the rooms had in past time. 1 Achyronas (Barn), 2 Fournos (Stove), 3 Sala (Dining Room), 4 Krevatokamara (Bedroom), 5 Krasapothiki (Cellar). The materials used are ecological and the wood and the stone are in prevalence. All pieces of furniture are of olivewood and are all handmade.